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  • Get Quick & Affordable Air Conditioning Services in the Beardstown IL Area From Reliable HVAC Contractors

    Also Providing AC Repair, AC Installation & AC Maintenance throughout Western Illinois

    Trone Appliance Centers is the one-stop-shop for all your cooling services in Beardstown, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We offer professional AC installation, maintenance, and repairs at the most affordable rates to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Not only do we carry superior cooling systems, but we are also factory-trained in servicing everything that we sell. So when you encounter problems, you can rely on us for a fix!

    A key component of any cooling system is the efficiency of your equipment. During the brutal summer heat, you want your cooling system to be as efficient as possible. We have technicians that have the training and experience to ensure your equipment is performing at an optimal rate.

    • To schedule AC services in Beardstown, Illinois and Jacksonville, Illinois, contact us online or call us now at (217) 323-5520.

  • AC Repair

    Trone Appliance Centers services all air conditioner brands, makes, and models.

    Our team of air conditioning repair technicians offers 24-hour emergency service for residential and commercial customers. We are capable of AC repair services throughout Western Illinois and pride ourselves on fast response times. The inconvenience of a broken air conditioner is something that nobody wants, and we try our best to limit that situation. Trone Appliance Centers' technicians are factory trained and can provide quality AC repair service regardless of your type of cooling system.

  • Trone Appliance Centers understands that problems with your air conditioner don’t always happen during business hours. Therefore, we offer 24-hour AC repair services throughout Western Illinois.

    It may be time for AC repair services when:

    • Your air conditioner is blowing hot/warm air
    • AC unit produces unusual sounds
    • Your condensate drains/refrigerant lines are leaking
    • No air blowing at all from your air conditioner
  • Air Conditioner Installation

    Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Western Illinois

    Trone Appliance Centers has experience with AC installation for residential and commercial air conditioning systems throughout Beardstown, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We have the knowledge, training, and dedication to install your cooling system properly. If you have a commercial cooling system, we provide project managers to help design and plan the installation process. Having a professional and experienced team of technicians handle your cooling system installation helps minimize the need for future air conditioning repairs.

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    The best way to ensure that your cooling system lasts for years is with routine maintenance services. Trone Appliance Centers provides just that, ensuring that your system is reaching its peak performance. A sign that it is time to schedule air conditioning maintenance is when your monthly utility bills seem higher than usual. Our preventative maintenance services are the best way to treat your air conditioning unit.

    Trone Appliance Centers' maintenance services include:

    • A complete inspection of your air conditioning unit
    • Remove any dirt, dust, and grime that affects your cooling system
    • Recalibrate your thermostat
    • Lubrication of your air conditioning unit’s motor and other moving parts
  • Why Choose Trone Appliance Centers?

    At Trone Appliance Centers, we are committed to providing every customer with quality customer service and professionalism. We have a team of technicians that are factory-trained and ready to answer the call when needed. Whether you need air conditioning installation, maintenance, or repairs, you can rely on Trone Appliance Centers.

    • To schedule AC services in Beardstown, Illinois and Jacksonville, Illinois, contact us online or call us now at (217) 323-5520.

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